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Denomination –  1 Quarter (0,25 Dollars)
Country –  United States Of America
Year –  1976
Head Of State – President Gerald Ford  
Mint – San Francisco
Obverse – George Washington –  Double date 1776–1976
Reverse – Colonial Drummer Boy
Metal – Outer Layers (80% Silver, 20% Copper) Center (20.9% Silver – 79.1% Copper)
Condition – Uncirculated
Edge – Reeded
Mintage – 4,908,319
Collection – Giannis Koromilas
Diameter  –  24.3 mm
Weight – 5.70 gr
Designer – Obverse John Flanagan – Reverse Jack L. Ahr

This important coin was the first Washington quarter without the eagle reverse! Issued more than two decades before the 50 State series, this original no-eagle quarter with the Colonial Drummer reverse is needed by any collector putting together a date and mint mark set of Washington or Statehood quarters – no collection is complete without it! And this 1776-1976 Bicentennial quarter isn`t just any quarter… it`s a Proof from San Francisco created especially for collectors. Instead of the usual copper-nickel clad, this quarter was minted in 40% silver. Plus, it has the lowest mintage of all 1976 Washington quarter issues. While regular-issue Bicentennial quarters are occasionally found in pocket change, this special 40% silver Choice Proof coin is not. Don`t miss your opportunity to add the very first no-eagle Bicentennial quarter to your collection!

Denomination –  5 Cents (0,05 Dollars)
Country –  United States Of America
Year –  2005
Head Of State – President George W. Bush
Mint – Philadelphia
Obverse – Thomas Jefferson, 3rd President of the United States and author of the Declaration of Independence.
Reverse –  Westward Journey Series including “American Bison” and “Ocean in view! O! The joy!”.
Metal – 75% Copper – 25% Nickel
Condition – Uncirculated
Creator – Obv. Designer: Joe Fitzgerald and Don Everhart – Rev. Designer: Joe Fitzgerald and Donna Weaver
Catalogue – KM#369
Edge – Radical
Mintage – 394,080,000
Collection – Giannis Koromilas
Diameter  – 21,2 mm
Weight – 5,00 gr
Interesting Facts – The 1938 through 1942 D versions of the nickel are also made of the same composition, but generally are sold for a premium over their melt value due to rarity. 0,05053606 was the melt value on December 18,2011.As of March 14, 2011, the value of the metal in a nickel is $0.0665396, 33.07% more than its face value. The final Westward Journey nickel reverse  depicts the Pacific Ocean and the words from William Clark’s diary upon reaching it. In a controversial move, the U.S. Mint decided to amend Clark’s actual words. He had originally written, “Ocian in view! O! The Joy!” but as the spelling “ocian” is nonstandard (and might have led to hoarding in the mistaken belief that the Mint had made an error that would soon be corrected), the U.S. Mint decided to modify it to “ocean”
Krause Value – 1,00$ (MS-65)
Denomination –  1 Cent (0,01 Dollars)
Country –  United States Of America
Year –  1957
Head Of State – President Dwight D. Eisenhower
Mint – Philadelphia
Obverse – Abraham Lincoln, In God We Trust, Liberty, 1957
Reverse – E Pluribus Unum, One Cent, Unites States Of America, Two Wheat Stalks
Metal – 95% Copper – 5% Zinc
Condition – Uncirculated
Creator – Victor David Brenner
Catalogue –  KM #132
Edge – Plain
Mintage – 282,540,000
Collection – Giannis Koromilas
Diameter  –  19.0 mm
Weight – 3.10 gr
Interesting Facts – Mint Mark Appears Only in Denver and San Francisco Issues. All other coins were minted in Philadelphia. The Lincoln cent coinage represented new directions the mint had begun taking. Of the most notable is that it was the first circulating coin to feature a portrait of an actual person and not that of lady liberty. This spelled the beginning of the end for lady liberty on other denominations in years to come.Being the first coin to depict a real person is not the only “first” status that the cent can claim to. The Lincoln cent was also the first to bear the term “IN GOD WE TRUST”, the first cent ever to be minted at the Denver Mint, and in WWII issue the first and only U.S. circulating coin made of steel.
Krause Value – 9,00 $ (MS-65)

Denomination –  50 Cents (0,50 Dollars)
Country –  United Stated Of America
Year –  1965
Head Of State – President Lyndon B. Johnson
Mint – 1965-1970 Kennedys were minted in Denver and San Francisco, but…due to the Coin Act of 1965, coins were not mint marked for 3 years, so 1965-1967 Kennedys could have been struck anywhere, although Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco are the most likely candidates.
Obverse – John F. Kennedy, 35th President of the United States
Reverse – Eagle holding an olive branch (peace) and arrows (strength). The thirteen stripes represent the 13 colonies. The horizontal bar across the top represents Congress forming one government from many. Fifty stars representing the fifty states encircle the eagle
Metal – 40% silver, 60% copper
Condition – Extremely Fine
Creators – Obverse: Gilroy Roberts, Reverse: Franc Gasparro
Catalogue – KM#202a
Edge – Reeded
Mintage – 65,879,366
Collection – Giannis Koromilas
Diameter  – 30.60 mm 
Weight – 11.50 gr
Interesting Facts – Kennedy halves are interesting enough, but with 40-90% silver content (1970 and earlier with some outliers), silver collectors keep their eye out for them too.With the price of silver going up in 2009, it’s no wonder they’re so popular with silver collectors, with a silver weight of .1479 to .36169 ounces of silver per coin.
Krause Value – 3,40 $ (MS-60)