Denomination –  100 Drachmas
Country –  Greece
Year –  2000
Head Of State – Prime Minister George A. Papandreou
Mint – Athens
Obverse – Radian Design with circle (Vergina Star)
Reverse – Denomination 100 Drachmas – Alexander the Great head right – ΜΕΓΑΣ ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΣ, ΒΑΣΙΛΕΥΣ ΜΑΚΕΔΟΝΩΝ (Alexander the Great – King Of Macedons)
Metal – Copper 92%, Alumnium 6%, Nickel 2%
Condition – Uncirculated
Creator –V. Sampatakos
Catalogue – KM#159
Edge – Mills and smooth section
Mintage – 17,563,888
Collection – Giannis Koromilas
Diameter  – 29,30  mm
Weight – 10,20 gr
Interesting Facts – Alexander the Great (356-323 bc) was the king of Macedonia (Greece), conqueror of the Persian Empire, and one of the greatest military geniuses of all times. Alexander was born in Pella, the ancient capital of Macedonia, being the son of Philip II, king of Macedonia, and of Olympias, a princess of Epirus.
Aristotle was Alexander’s tutor; he gave Alexander a thorough training in rhetoric and literature and stimulated his interest in science, medicine, and philosophy
Krause Value – 2,35$ (Unc)