Denomination –  50 Pence (1/8 of a Pound)
Country –  United Kingdom
Year –  1956
Head Of State – Queen Elizabeth II
Mint – London Royal Mint
Obverse – Laureate bust right – ELIZABETH II-DEI-GRATIA-REGINA
Reverse – Crowned quartered shield flanked by initials, ‘ER’ – FID DEF E R HALF CROWN date E R
Metal – Copper-Nickel
Condition – Extremely Fine
Catalogue – KM# 907
Edge – Reeded
Mintage – 33,935,000
Collection – Giannis Koromilas
Diameter  –  32,30 mm 
Weight –  14,13 gr
Interesting Facts – The half crown was demonetised (ahead of other pre-decimal coins) on 1 January 1970, the year before the United Kingdom adopted decimal currency on Decimal Day (15 February 1971). Coins dated 1954, 1958 and 1959 are very difficult to find in uncirculated condition, as at that time collecting by date was less prevalent than it is today. In the 1800s, the silver half crown coin was (very roughly) convertible into an American fifty-cent piece, and was sometimes nicknamed the “half dollar” in North America.
Krause Value – 0,75$