Denomination –  2 Euros
Country –  Greece
Year –  2004
Head Of State – Prime Minister Konstantinos A. Karamanlis
Mint – Athens
Obverse – Discus Thrower – Athens 2004 Olympic Games – Olympic Circles – 2 ΕΥΡΩ – Mint mark at the upper left of the statue’s head
Reverse – The reverse (used from 2007 onwards) was designed by Luc Luycx and displays a map of Europe, not including Iceland and cutting off, in a semi-circle, at the Bosporus, north through the middle of Ukraine and Belarus and through northern Scandinavia. Cyprus is located further west than it should be and Malta is shown disproportionally large so it appears on the map. The map has numerous indentations giving an appearance of geography rather than a flat design. Six fine lines cut across the map except where there is landmass and have a star at each end – reflecting the twelve stars on the flags of Europe. Across the map is the word EURO, and a large number 2 appears to the left hand side of the coin. The designer’s initials, LL, appear next to Cyprus. Luc Luycx designed the original coin, which was much the same except the design was only of the then 15 members in their entirety and showing border and no geographic features. The map was less detailed and the lines the stars were upon cut through where there would be landmass in eastern Europe if it were shown.
Metal – Bi-Metallic Brass center in Copper-Nickel ring.
Condition – Uncirculated
Creator – Luc Luycx
Catalogue – KM#209
Edge – Reeded and Lettered
Mintage – 49,500,000
Collection – Giannis Koromilas
Diameter  –  25,70 mm
Weight – 8,52 gr
Interesting Facts – Voted “Best Trade Coin” 2004 by Coin World and F+W Publications – It is the 1st commemorative 2 euro coin ever issued. It is among the 37 rarest 2 euro coins from 2004 to now (according to mintage (31st place). Discus Throwing has remained virtually unchanged in the 28 centuries of its history. It is considered one of the most “noble” sporting events, since it did not have any direct connection with military exercises or farm work. In antiquity it formed part of the pentathlon.
Closed Auction Value – 4,00 $