Denomination –  1 Quarter (0,25 Dollars)
Country –  United States Of America
Year –  1976
Head Of State – President Gerald Ford  
Mint – San Francisco
Obverse – George Washington –  Double date 1776–1976
Reverse – Colonial Drummer Boy
Metal – Outer Layers (80% Silver, 20% Copper) Center (20.9% Silver – 79.1% Copper)
Condition – Uncirculated
Edge – Reeded
Mintage – 4,908,319
Collection – Giannis Koromilas
Diameter  –  24.3 mm
Weight – 5.70 gr
Designer – Obverse John Flanagan – Reverse Jack L. Ahr

This important coin was the first Washington quarter without the eagle reverse! Issued more than two decades before the 50 State series, this original no-eagle quarter with the Colonial Drummer reverse is needed by any collector putting together a date and mint mark set of Washington or Statehood quarters – no collection is complete without it! And this 1776-1976 Bicentennial quarter isn`t just any quarter… it`s a Proof from San Francisco created especially for collectors. Instead of the usual copper-nickel clad, this quarter was minted in 40% silver. Plus, it has the lowest mintage of all 1976 Washington quarter issues. While regular-issue Bicentennial quarters are occasionally found in pocket change, this special 40% silver Choice Proof coin is not. Don`t miss your opportunity to add the very first no-eagle Bicentennial quarter to your collection!