Denomination –  1 Dime (0,10 Dollars)
Country –  United States Of America
Year –  1935
Head Of State – President Franklin D. Roosevelt
Mint – Philadelphia (No Mintmark)
Obverse – Image of Liberty wearing a Phrygian Cap, Date 1935, In God We Trust, Designer’s Monogram
Reverse – A Fasces juxtaposed with an olive branch (symbolizing America’s readiness for war, combines with its desire for peace. United States Of America – E Pluribus Unum
Metal – 90% Silver- 10% Copper
Condition – Almost Uncirculated
Creator –Adolph A. Weinmann
Catalogue – KM#140
Edge – Reeded
Mintage – 58,830,000
Collection – Giannis Koromilas
Diameter  – 17,90  mm
Weight – 2,50 gr
Interesting Facts – Although most commonly referred to as the “Mercury” dime, the coin does not depict the Greek messenger god. The obverse figure is a depiction of the mythological goddess Liberty wearing a Phrygian cap a classic Western symbol of liberty and freedom, with its wings intended to symbolize freedom of thought. It is considered one of the most beautiful coin designs ever produced. The fasces symbol on the reverse of the coin was adopted by the Italian National Fascist Party of Benito Mussolini.
Of particular interest is the condition of the horizontal bands tying together the bundle on the fasces, on the coin’s reverse. On well-struck examples, separation exists within the two sets of bands (known as Full Split Bands). Coins exhibiting this feature are typically valued higher than those without it
Rare Dates:1916-D; Scarce Dates:1921, 1921-D, 1926-S, 1931-D, 1931-S
Krause Value – 7.15$ (Unc)Melt Value (2,01$ – 03/01/2012)