One a Penny

One a penny,
Two a penny,
Three a penny,
Four a penny,
Five a penny,
That’s a nickel more.

Six a penny,
Seven a penny,
Eight a penny,
Nine a penny,
Ten a penny,
That’s a dime for the store!

Four Bright Coins

Four bright coins shining at me,
The first one said, “I’m a penny you see.”
The second one said, “How do you do?
I’m called a nickel, and I’m bigger than you!”
The third one said, “You’re both small stuff,
If you want to buy something, you’re not enough!
But look at me, I’m small, and I shine,
I can buy something cuz I’m a dime.”
The last coin looked at them all and laughed,
“All of you together don’t measure up to me,
Cuz I’m a quarter, can’t you see?”

Money Rhymes

Twenty five cents,
Money that rhymes,
Take one nickel
Add two dimes.

Three fat nickels,
One thin dime.
Makes twenty-five cents
Every time.

Five fat nickels,
No thin dimes.
Makes twenty-five cents
Any time.

Poems taken by CanTeach website, URL,